Pressure Loss Calculator

Pressure Loss Calculator


Calculation Results:

Pressure Loss

0 kPA


* L/min relates to the NZBC G12/AS1 acceptable flow rates to sanitary fixtures.

Bath 0.3 l/s at 45°C 18 l/min
Sink 0.2 l/s at 45°C 12 l/min
Laundry Tub 0.2 l/s at 45°C 12 l/min
Basin 0.1 l/s at 45°C 6 l/min
Shower 0.1 l/s at 45°C 6 l/min

** Total pipe run length inclusive of pipe fitting metre allocation. Please refer to the fitting metre allocation chart for information.

Pressure Loss Calculator Disclaimer:

This calculator is provided to assisst users to understand the normal pressure losses incurred during water reticulation through Polybutete-1 pipes and while the formulae and calculations have been verified independently as accurate and have been based on the best available information at the time of publication no warranty of any kind if expressed or implied and no liability will be accepted by Dux Industries Limited for any costs arising directly ot indirectly as a result or consequences of the use of this calculator.

Any queries or suggestions concerning this calculator and the information generated by it should be directed to the Technical Manager, Dux Industries Limited.